There Will be Blood Peach Tree Dance: What is it?

Their is no definitive answer in regards to what or when the peach tree dance takes place. One can assume it was a local event that Daniel took part in when he was a child living in his hometown.

The topic of the peach tree dance is brought up when Daniel and Henry are on sitting on the beach talking about their childhood.

How does Daniel Know Henry Wasn’t his brother?

One of the reasons Daniel Figures out that Henry is not his brother is by bringing up the peach tree dance. It is clear that this dance was something Daniel and Henry had a shared memory of.

When Henry has nothing to say about the dance and simply nods his head Daniel knew immediately in that instance that Henry was not his brother.

Who is Henry in There Will be Blood?

When confronted at gunpoint by Daniel Henry reveals that he is not his brother. He instead claims that he is the friend of Daniels brother, who has since died.

At this point Henry pleads for his life and tells Daniel he will leave and never see him again.

Why does Daniel kill Henry in There Will be Blood?

Throughout the film Daniel is proven once and again to be a sociopath who is incapable of feeling empathy.

He has loyalty to no one and will kill someone who crosses him. Having a liar like Henry take advantage of him makes Daniel’s sociopathic rage reach it’s peak.

Look into the eyes of a sociopath and you will see someone with contempt for others, I mean look at how evil Daniel is in this poster (paid link).