Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Box Office: Hit or Flop?

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is an action-comedy film that was distributed by Lionsgate to 3,000 plus theaters on it’s release date of April 22, 2022. The film grossed 29 million worldwide on a production budget of 30 million making it a box office flop. The break even point for the film was likely around 75 million if we use the 2.5x rule.

Box office forecasting

Massive Talent had a projected domestic forecast of 16-36 million. The film also had relatively low awareness with only 10% of movie goers even being aware that the film was coming out. The movie was viewed over 10 million times on YouTube prior to its release.

International/domestic numbers

Unbearable weight did most of it’s business in North America making 20 of it’s 30 million total domestically. Massive Talent did not perform well at the domestic box office as it dropped over 60% on both it’s second and third Friday showing weak staying power and waning interest in the movie. The film had a poor performance during it’s international release, only making about 9 million outside of North America. It’s top markets included the UK (1.9 million), Australia (1.2 million), Germany (670,000), France (580,000), and the Netherlands (423,000).

Why was Unbearable weight a Box Office flop?

There are a variety of reasons why The Unbearable weight of Massive Talent was a flop. Some of the reasons include the film being a original movie with no major movie stars, a bad release date, and being a genre that does not do well at the box office anymore.

Non IP

During the post Covid 19 era original films have really had a hard time breaking out at the box office. IP based films have largely dominated the theatrical landscape and non big budget spectacle films have been the major losers at the box office. To compound this issue the film had no bankable movie stars that would get audience members into the theater. Nicholas Cage does not have the same influence and star power that he once had.

Bad Release Date/Competition

Another reason why massive talent failed is because it had some cannibalization with audience members who wanted to see The Northman on the same release date. These two films had similar audience demographics and some audience members that wanted to see Massive Talent opted to see The Northman instead and vice versa.

Comedy Genre is a box office dud

The final reason why The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent flopped is because the comedy genre is not deemed theater worthy anymore. Time and time again comedies have flopped at the box office becuase people would rather stream them now as opposed to go to a movie theater. Premium large formats are a big part of the theatrical landscape today and comedies aren’t necessarily known for their incredible cinematography or sound design. Standard tickets cost a lot less than seeing a film in IMAX or UltraAVX