The Woman King: Box Office Total

The Woman King grossed 97 million dollars on a budget of 50 million making it a box office flop. Typically Hollywood films need 2.5x their production budget to break even, so far The Woman King has not even reached 2x it’s budget.

The film had a very good opening weekend grossing 19 million domestic which was solid for a original film with no pre existing IP.

Domestically The Woman King has made close to 67 million dollars which would make it one of the highest grossing original films this year in North America.

Unfortunately, the film bombed overseas only making 25 million dollars.

DVD/Blu-Ray sales

The Woman King has made 5.7 million dollars from physical media sales as of the date I’m writing this. Which is a strong start.

The film is available in 4k Blu-ray (paid link) as well, which is rather prestige status as usually higher-grossing movies receive this treatment.

Why Did The Woman King Flop?

The Woman King flopped because it did absolutely terrible in the international market.

This is interesting because domestically the film did quite well.

After it’s 19 million dollar opening weekend the movie stabilized and had rather light drops that were consistent with a movie that had an A+ cinema score and 99% verified Rotten Tomatoes audience score.

The Woman King was in exclusive company as the only other film to achieve such status this year was Top Gun Maverick.

International flop

Other female led action movies have done much better overseas. For Example Atomic Blonde grossed 48 million, Red Sparrow 104 million, Lucy 332 million, and Salt 175 million.

Even Viola Davis led widows made more internationally than the Woman King. Fellow Box office bomb The Northman made more as well.

However, I should mention that there hasn’t been much precedent for female led action movie’s starring an all black cast, in fact I think this movie is the first from a major studio ever to be released so it’s hard to compare this to other movies.

Deep Dive: Overseas numbers

The Woman King bombed in several territories including Germany, France, The UK, Mexico, and Australia. The film hasn’t grossed a million dollars in either Germany or Australia which is absolutely abysmal.

Just to give you perspective The Northman grossed 2.6 in Australia and 2.4 million in Germany and that movie was one of the biggest bombs of the year.

The Woman King also didn’t even gross half as much as Viola Davis led Widows in the UK. The film performed relatively well in South Africa (931,000), Brazil (2 million), and Nigeria (170,000).

Why did The Woman King bomb overseas?

The film likely bombed overseas because it struggled to reach a broader audience outside of black people in America.

The film did very well with it’s target demographic but other countries mostly shunned the film which is interesting.

Interestingly enough, Jordan Peele’s “NOPE” also underperformed it’s expectations dramatically overseas.

Is There any Hope that this film can break even?

The odds are highly unlikely that The Woman King will ever break even. If the film receives Oscar buzz and gets a decent re release it is conceivable that the movie could surpass 2x its budget.

Still the movie would need to do tremendously well on streaming and physical media sales to make it’s money back.

An A+ cinema score bodes well for a overperformance on home video but the mountain will likely be to steep to climb for this movie.

Films increasingly rely on theatrical revenue these days due to home video sales declining, and streaming data being hard to measure for overall profitability