DFX stands for Digital effects, it is a premium large format that is displayed exclusively at Galaxy Theaters. It is their custom movie format that comes in direct response to other premium large formats such as IMAX, Cinemark XD, Regal RPX, AMC Big D etc.

The DFX Experience at Galaxy Theaters: What is it and how is it different from Standard digital?

DFX auditoriums offer a much better experience than your typical standard digital showing. The biggest perks being better picture quality, sound, and luxury seating. These are the typical hallmarks in any premium format but DFX theaters really keep their promise in regard to these amenities. These luxury auditoriums also have the ability to display films in both 2d and 3d, meaning almost all large blockbuster movies are able to be seen as the filmmaker intended. Standard digital showings are great but they can not compare to any premium format especially when it comes to picture quality and sound. Premium large formats like DFX greatly enhance the viewing experience and are absolutely worth the extra price. I will go into detail about why you should see a movie in DFX in the preceding sections.

DFX Vs Digital: the surround sound isn’t even close to comparable

DFX theaters are equipped with Dolby Atmos which is the pinnacle of cinematic sound in today’s theatrical landscape. Dolby Atmos allows for object-based surround sound, it gives sound designers the freedom to place sound to exact locations within the sound field instead of assigning them to specific channels. It results in the best surround sound experience today. Standard digital auditoriums vary in their surround sound systems but most use an array of channels, anywhere from 5.1 to 11.1 for their theaters. These are perfectly suitable sound systems but they don’t produce object-based surround sound and typically do not produce as clean and as rich of a sound as an atmos auditorium. Dolby Atmos Theaters are also noticeably louder because there are significantly more speakers and subwoofers within the theater. DFX movie theaters do not just have a significant advantage over standard digital auditoriums but also over other premium formats as well. Most Premium formats do not have Dolby Atmos so this is easily the biggest reason why you should see a movie in the DFX format.

Picture Quality: DFX has state of the art projectors

DFX auditoriums also excel in the area of picture quality. These movie theaters utilize Barco Laser projectors which have become a staple at many premium format locations such as Cinemark XD and Regal RPX. Barco laser projectors are known for their immense brightness and contrast in the 4k images that their projectors display. Standard Digital auditoriums use different projectors depending on the location. Popular brands include Barco and Christie, however, the vast majority of standard auditoriums do not display images in 4k, instead projecting them in regular HD (1080p). 4k offers a much higher resolution (2160p) than HD resulting in a much more detailed and crisp image. The difference between 4k and regular HD can be quite glaring depending on the type of film you are watching. A movie with great visual effects and cinematography will look absolutely amazing in 4k resolution.

Reclining lounge chairs for maximum comfort

DFX auditoriums also have comfy reclining lounge chairs that allow audience remembers to watch the latest films in extreme comfort. It is not clear if these seats are leather or not but they are sure to be better seats than your typical standard digital auditorium. Some digital cinemas offer reclining seats but in my own experience, it is more likely that they do not offer this luxury. The comfort of your seat is going to be a pivotal aspect of your decision-making process when considering which premium format to see a movie in so it is a plus that DFX auditoriums have this covered. You will be able to experience the awe-inspiring technology of Dolby Atmos and the pristine image quality of Barco laser projectors in pure bliss from your luxury reclining lounge chair.

How much will it cost me to get a ticket for a DFX movie?

You can see a DFX movie for anywhere from 15-20 dollars depending on where you live and what showtime you choose (weekday/weekend, matinee/evening). Meanwhile, the average ticket price in the United States to see a movie in a standard format is around 10 dollars.

Conclusion: Are Galaxy Theater’s DFX auditoriums worth the extra price?

I think any premium format is worth the extra price especially DFX because they have Dolby atmos and 4k image quality. If price is an issue for you then I would recommend being pickier about which types of films to see in premium formats. For example, you are going to want to use your own judgment and be able to decipher which types of films are going to have stunning image quality and great sound.

Frequently asked questions

DFX Vs IMAX: What’s The Difference?

The biggest difference between IMAX and DFX is going to be sound quality. IMAX views itself as a competitor of Dolby and therefore does not use their technology, instead opting to create and use its own (lesser quality) sound systems. IMAX also does not have as good of image quality with the majority of their locations using dual 2k projectors. IMAX film locations and IMAX with laser provide better image quality but there is only a handful of these types of theaters worldwide. IMAX 3D is where the two differ. IMAX offers state of the art 3d projection and is the best way to see movies in 3d.


DBOX is a motion seating company that installs seats in standard movie theaters. Their motion seating technology provides a more immersive experience as the seats move in a synchronous fashion with what is transpiring on screen. However, they do not offer anything beyond that, you are going to get an inferior sound system and image quality compared to a DFX theater.

Sony Digital Cinema Vs DFX

Sony Digital Cinema is another premium format that is shown at Galaxy Theaters. It is a great way to see a movie as the Sony Projectors display a 4k image and are equipped with Dolby Atmos. It is really up to you in regards to which format to see a movie in as these two PLF formats are similar.

What is HFR 3D DFX?

HFR means high frame rate, it allows for images to move at up to 60 frames per second as opposed to the typical 24 fps. Some filmmakers like James Cameron (Avatar: The Way of Water) utilize HFR so audience members are wise to see which theaters use this technology. It is not clear if DFX can display films at their intended HFR but Sony Digital Cinema can.