Regal Premium Experience (RPX) What is it?

The Regal Premium Experience, also known as RPX is a premium large format that is exclusively offered by the cinema chain Regal. RPX theaters offer large screen sizes, advanced sound systems, and stellar picture quality, as well as a more luxurious experience for their guests. It is one of the many premium formats available to audience members today along with the likes of IMAX, Dolby Cinema, Cinemark XD, Big D and others. RPX is one of the most popular premium formats at Regal, along with IMAX, Screen X, 4DX, and Real D 3D.

RPX vs Standard Auditorium

There are many differences between standard 2d auditoriums and Regal RPX. Some of these differences include screen size, picture quality, sound, and luxury service/seating. Regal RPX auditoriums beat their standard counterparts in every aspect mentioned. Experiencing a movie in RPX allows audiences to be more immersed in the movie with enhanced visuals and sound. These qualities are more prevalent in larger blockbuster movies with high production value. Standard auditoriums are still a great way to see a movie but if you have another premium format near you like a RPX than that is the better choice in my opinion. I will now go in depth about the technology that is reportedly used in RPX auditoriums and how they greatly improve the moviegoing experience.

RPX has bigger screens

RPX theaters vary in screen size, with their screen width ranging from 45 to 75 feet. The target width for RPX auditoriums is 60 feet wide but it varies due to the size of theater locations. The average RPX theater is 40 by 60 feet. This is substantially bigger than standard auditoriums where the average is 30 by 45 feet. A bigger screen allows for a more immersive and lifelike experience. The enhanced screen size is a major factor that differentiates RPX from a standard auditorium.

Exceptional projection is key for any theater

RPX theaters are equipped with Barco’s 33000 Lumens Ultra Bright 4k DLP cinema projectors. These projectors are very similar to the ones used in Cinemark XD auditoriums. The Barco projector allows for enhanced 4k resolution and increased brightness resulting in a much more crisp and detailed image. RPX auditoriums can display an image at a 1,850:1 contrast ratio, resulting in very dark blacks and very bright whites as well as other colors in between. These projectors are also well suited for playing films in high frame rates and can process extremely high bit rates resulting in an image that is pristine at all times. 3D movies can also be played in RPX.

Sound is the most important aspect of the premium experience

Sound is arguably the most important aspect of the movie experience. Once you see a film in a premium format with advanced sound systems it is hard to go back to a standard auditorium. Regal has said that RPX auditoriums use an 11.1 Auro surround sound system, which is the same surround sound that Cinemark XD theaters use. Auro 11.1 is a solid sound system, however, RPX theaters have recently begun installing Dolby Atmos as very few if any movies are mixed with Auro 11.1. As with most theaters, the exact equipment they are using fluctuates so you might want to contact your local RPX theater and see which sound system they are using. Regardless, both Auro 11.1 and Dolby Atmos are tremendous sound systems that are well worth the extra price of admission.

It has also been claimed that RPX auditoriums have an array of subwoofers strategically placed across the theater. Subwoofers are fantastic as they produce deeper and cleaner bass. Having subwoofers is a must for watching most big blockbuster movies. Some notable examples I can remember are Dune, Top Gun Maverick, Mad Max Fury Road, and Dunkirk.

RPX Seating is more comfortable

Regal offers leather reclining seats at most of their RPX theaters but this might not always be the case. Sometimes the seats have built in speakers as well so you feel vibration during sequences with heavy bass. This is also a much better experience than a standard auditorium as seating can get questionable and be on the uncomfortable side. RPX seating usually allows for more space and the seats are more spread apart and have more comfortable headrests.

Prepare to pay more

According to Regals website RPX movies normally cost anywhere from 18-21 dollars depending on where you are located. For matinee showings the price is 16-18 dollars and for discount Tuesdays 11-14 dollars. This actually comes in at the cheaper end in comparison to looking at their prices on 4DX, IMAX, and ScreenX. A normal ticket in a standard auditorium costs 13-17 dollars. However, If you are a member of regal unlimited you will get a discount on movies seen in RPX.

Is RPX worth it?

Overall I think RPX is definitely worth the price of admission in comparison to a standard auditorium. You are going to get a much better experience in any premium format as opposed to a standard one. If price is a issue I’d recommend strategically thinking what type of movies you would like to see in the RPX format. Movies of immense production value (great Visual effects, sound, cinematography, etc..) would be a great choice to see in a RPX auditorium. I definitely recommend you check out a movie in RPX!