How Scary is the Northman?

The Northman is a medieval epic directed by Robert Eggers, produced by New Regency and distributed by Focus Features, a subsidiary of Universal. The film is not scary in the traditional sense. There are very few if any jump scares and the movie is more of a historical drama as opposed to a horror film. There are scenes that include disturbing imagery and gore however but the film mostly shows these moments in passing and doesn’t focus too much on them. Probably the most disturbing scene is where it is insinuated that children are being burned alive. The film also shows grotesque bodily harm inflicted on others such as the cutting off of noses, violent head butting, and scenes of graphic torture. Animals are killed and there are ritual sacrifices as well.

Should you watch the Northman?

I highly recommend this movie as It’s the best film of 2022 that I have seen. The authenticity and detail given to the worldbuilding of this medieval era is astonishing. The cinematography and production design are magnificent as the film is shot on an epic scale in Northern Ireland. Every shot in the film is absolutely beautiful, it is a visual feast for the eyes. The action sequences in the movie are mostly shot using a single camera and filmed in one take creating an amazing cinematic immersion that the audience will certainly marvel over. If you cannot handle gore at all then The Northman is most likely not for you. But if you can stomach most of the horror films that come out today The Northman should not be scary at all. The film is an authentic portrayal of what medieval life was like and it does not sugarcoat the violence that occurred during that era.