Mad Max Fury Road: Sequel, Reboot or Remake?

According to director George Miller, all of his Mad Max movies are standalone films. In an interview with Den of Geek Miller said the following, “They’re not really connected in any very strict way. They’re another episode in a saga of a character who is pretty archetypal: the wanderer in the wasteland, basically searching for meaning. This is someone we see in the classic westerns, in samurai stories. You can’t really put a chronology (of the mad max films) together. They were never conceived that way. After I made the first one I had no intention to make a second, the second was ultimately an attempt to do the things I couldn’t in the first one and so on. They were all standalone films in many, many ways.”

Did Fury Road perform like a sequel?

Financially Fury Road performed more like a original film as opposed to a 4th installment of a franchise. The last Mad Max film was made 30 years before Fury Road so the vast majority of audience members did not even see the first three movies before seeing Fury Road.