The filming locations of Mad Max Fury Road

Fury Road was mostly filmed in the arid desert of Namibia, a country located on the southwest coast of Africa. Production took place in the city of Swakopmund. Due to an unexpected amount of rain near Broken Hill, Australia director George Miller was forced to shoot Fury Road in a different desert than the previous 3 Mad Max films. The excessive rain caused the desert near Broken Hill to grow plants and greenery which was against Miller’s stylistic choice of an arid and barren desert landscape. This bizarre weather event led to the production of Fury Road being postponed for years until Miller decided to opt for Namibia instead. However, it seems that Miller is going back to filming in Broken Hill for his prequel to Fury Road, Furiosa.

Why Fury Road Greatly benefited from shooting on location

Mad Max Fury Road is unlike most blockbuster spectacle driven films in that it looks so incredibly real. Sure, there was tons of visual effects used in the movie but Miller made the artistic choice to shoot as much of the movie as possible in camera. One of the only pure CGI scenes in the film is the citadel which would of been much too expensive and cumbersome to build and likely would not have been approved by the Namibian government. Even the iconic scene where the doof warrior shoots flames out of his guitar was 100% real. This authenticity gives the film a grounded feel that makes the spectacle of fury road all the more enjoyable. The movies success can be attributed to it visually dazzling audiences and creating an immense cinematic immersion for them to enjoy the film. Mad Max Fury Road would have not been anywhere near as good if it used an extensive amount of green screen. The authenticity of the world makes audiences buy the whole premise that humanity could somehow find it’s way to creating such a hellish landscape to live in for itself.