Marry Me: How did it do at the box office?

Marry Me made 50 million worldwide at the box office on a budget of 23 million dollars. The film was somewhat of a disappointment as it performed on the low end of it’s projected forecast. The film ended up being one of Jennifer Lopez’s lowest grossing films at the box office. Marry Me grossed less than the 2.5 times production budget it needed to break even. The break even point for the film was 57 million. However, because the film opened with a day and date release strategy it’s likely that streaming revenue could of at least made the film break even or turn a small profit.

International/Domestic Box office sales

Marry Me had an opening weekend of 8 million dollars in the United States, eventually legging out to a 22 million domestic total. The film received 55% of it’s box office ticket sales overseas, making 28 million internationally. Some of the top markets for Marry Me were The UK (3 million), Australia (2.7 million), Germany (2 million), Russia (1.7 million), Mexico (1.6 million), Italy (1.2 million).

Why did Marry Me flop?

There are several reasons why Marry Me was a theatrical flop. Number one being that it wasn’t a good movie. The film received a B+ cinema score which is pretty mediocre for a romantic comedy. Another reason why there wasn’t much enthusiasm to see the movie is because the trailer looked awful. Original films with no pre existing IP face a gigantic uphill battle if the film does not effectively market itself or get good reviews its opening weekend. Another element of why it failed is because it was released during the Covid-19 pandemic and during the Superbowl weekend. But perhaps the biggest reason Mary Me flopped is because the romantic comedy genre is not deemed theater worthy anymore, instead it’s mostly relegated to streaming. Studios have increasingly limited production of rom coms and very few today get theatrical releases. And to top the cake the film predominately relied on women over 35 to fuel it’s box office sales. An audience segment that has increasingly stopped going to movies in the past couple of years. All in all it was a film that had a bunch of factors going against that even the star power and box office draw of Jennifer Lopez could not save it.