Toast the knowing: Who is she?

Toast the knowing is one of the five wives in the film Mad Max Fury Road. Her background story isn’t entirely clear but she distinguishes herself from the other wives by being able to handle weapons and drive a car. Whereas the other wives are innocent and sheltered toast proves that she has had to adapt to more hostile environments and has greater survivalist skills.

Who plays Toast in Mad Max?

Actress Zoe Kravitz plays toast in mad max fury road. Zoe is known for her roles in The Batman, X-Men First Class, Dope, and Big Little Lies. However, its important to note that one of her first big roles in Hollywood was in fury road. She was the first wive to be cast in the film by George Miller.

What happens to Toast in Mad Max?

Toast survives unlike Splendid in Mad Max Fury Road. She is briefly captured by Immortan Joe but is released after Furiosa kills him. She plays a big part in the Immortan’s death as she prevents him from shooting Furiosa

In popular culture: Toast Cosplay

Many people dress up as Toast via cosplay.