Was Ex Machina a Flop at the box office?

It is estimated that Ex Machina broke even at the box office in it’s initial theatrical run. The film grossed 37 million dollars at the global box office and had very strong reviews from audiences and critics. The film even won an Oscar for best visual effects. Overtime Ex Machina has turned a profit due to non theatrical revenue such as DVD/Blu-ray sales and streaming/TV revenue.

What was the budget for Ex machina?

The budget for Ex Machina was 15 million dollars. The film would go on to be the lowest budget Oscar winner for visual effects since Ridley Scott’s Alien. The film competed with The Martian (108 million), Mad Max Fury Road (155 million), Star Wars: The Force Awakens (200 million) and The Revenant (135 million) at the academy awards for VFX.

Non Theatrical revenue: DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

As of this publish date (10/21/2022) Ex Machina is nearing 12 million in domestic DVD/Blu-ray sales which is an incredible number for a low budget independent film that was just released 7 years ago. In terms of distribution deals with streaming services/TV there is no way of knowing how much Ex Machina made from these revenue streams. This is not publicly available information.

Did ex machina make money?

Overall after considering theatrical and non theatrical revenue it is estimated that Ex Machina was a success and did make money. Although it didn’t have a phenomenal performance at the box office it more than made up for it with physical media/streaming sales.

Will there be a ex machina sequel?

Unfortunately director Alex Garland has not shown much interest in doing Ex Machina 2 so a sequel looks unlikely. He has expressed that it is a self contained story and he never considered doing a sequel when working on the film. Audiences will have to come up with their own theories on what transpires after the ending of the film.