death on the nile box office: Was it a flop?

Death on the Nile is considered to be one of the biggest box office bombs of 2022. It Grossed only 137 million dollars worldwide on a budget of 90 million.

It was the direct sequel to Murder on the Orient Express which grossed an impressive 353 million dollars worldwide. The reasons for it bombing were numerous.

The film has done even worse with home media, only grossing 1.6 million as of this publish date. This is an abysmal number.

This is especially low for a movie that was released in 4k Blu-Ray (affiliate link). As the increased price often leads to a higher dollar amount when it comes to sales.

It’s a similar affect to when movies are released in premium formats like IMAX, Dolby, etc.

Those movies end up making more than the average movie because the price for the ticket is higher.


Why did death on the nile flop at the box office?

Cast controversy, the lack of quality of the film, the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as lack of support from the studio led to its downfall.

Director Kenneth Branagh dissociated himself from the film and instead promoted his other movie Belfast during it’s Oscar run.


Death on the Nile had a budget of 90 million dollars.

This was significantly more than its predecessor Murder on the Orient Express which had a budget of 55 million. The reason for it’s higher budget can be attributed partly to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The increase in budget made it harder for the film to break even at the box office.

Cast controversy

Death on the Nile had a cast controversy for the ages as many cast members found themselves in hot water with the press.

Russell Brand and Letitia Wright had expressed their views against the Covid-19 vaccine which lead to growing sentiment against them. Gal Gadot had problematic opinions regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

But by far the cast member who was in the most trouble was Armie Hammer. His lead role was originally supposed to go to Johnny Depp who was dissociated with Death on the Nile after his controversy with Amber Heard.

Hammer has been accused of rape as well as other sexual assault charges against multiple women.

There was an attempt to reshoot the movie or remove Hammer entirely but that was quickly shot down as it would have dramatically increased the budget for Death on the Nile.

All these controversy’s with the cast would amount to a publicists worst nightmare. The movie would be released theatrically regardless even with the scandal that loomed over it’s cast.

Muted reception from audiences and critics

A big part of the reason that Death on the Nile flopped at the box office was that audiences just didn’t seem to care for it. The film got a mediocre B grade on cinema score and a 62% on rotten tomatoes.

The film’s use of CGI and filming locations used were a big sticking point for many. There was a popular post on twitter which exposed one scene in the film particularly.

It appeared that a pyramid that was presented as being in Egypt was in fact CGI taken place in a UK studio.


Death on the Nile also faced an uphill battle at the box office due to it being released during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many films that were not major IPs also flopped at the box office during this time period so it’s not surprising this film suffered a similar fate.

Lack of support from the studio

Ever since Disney bought 20th Century studios and it’s sister company searchlight pictures there have been numerous box office bombs.

Many have claimed that Disney had their eyes on massive IPs such as Avatar and did not particularly care for the other smaller films that were in the pipeline before they bought the studio.

The lack of effective marketing for Death on the Nile led to it also flopping at the box office.

Disney does not seem to prioritize properties from searchlight as other films such as West side story, nightmare alley, and the last duel bombed spectacularly at the box office.

Will there be a sequel to death on the nile?

Death on the Nile will reportedly have a sequel with Kenneth Branagh set to return as Hercule Poirot. Michelle Yeoh, Tina Fey, and Jamie Dorman have been attached to the project.

The studio probably figured that Death on The Nile flopping was a fluke and there is potential to profit further from this IP.