Don’t worry darling: Hit or flop?

Don’t Worry Darling grossed close to 87 million dollars in box office sales on a reported 35 million dollar production budget. Typically Hollywood films need 2.5x times their production budget to break even once you account for sharing ticket sales with theaters and marketing expenses. This would put the break even point for Don’t Worry Darling right at 87.5 million, falling just short of breaking even at the box office. Due to muted audience reaction and enthusiasm about the film it is unlikely that the movie will turn a profit for the studio. The film would need to do very well on home video (streaming, TV, Blu-ray) to turn a profit but that seems unlikely at the moment.

Don’t Worry Darling’s box office predictions and forecasting

Warner Brothers late September release Don’t Worry Darling had healthy projections for a female led original drama. The film had a long rage forecast of 10-15 million for it’s opening weekend. This ticked up significantly once the film was nearing it’s release as the film likely received a boost from the ongoing cast controversy which attributed to increased press and publicity. The projected 21 million figure was an indication of Harry Style’s potential star power and influence at the box office.

International/Domestic: How did Don’t Worry darling do at the box office?

Don’t Worry Darling had a opening weekend of over 19 million in North America which was in line with it’s projections. The film was incredibly frontloaded as the movie only legged out an additional 26 million after it’s opening weekend for a combined domestic total of 45 million. These were disappointing box office numbers for Don’t Worry Darling as Warner Brothers had hyped this film up to theatrical exhibitors at CinemaCon. The film grossed a respectable 41 million dollars internationally which was in line with The Stepford Wives remake of 2004. Top markets included The UK (11.3 million), Australia (5 million), Germany (2.6 million), Mexico (2.5 million), France (2.4 million). Overall the performance of the film left a lot to be desired. It was expected that director Olivia Wilde could produce a smash hit with Don’t Worry Darling as she was just coming off directing the small indie hit “Booksmart”. She had stars such as Chris Pine, Florence Pugh, and Harry Styles and a promising script that garnered a ton of interest.

Why did the film flop?

The film mostly flopped due to its atrocious reviews from critics, also generally middled reviews from audience members. The film received a mediocre B- cinema score which basically spells death to any original film released today that is not a horror movie. The film also holds a low 74% verified audience score on rotten tomatoes. One of the reasons the film did not become a bigger flop is that it relied more on the younger female audience demographic instead of 35 plus females. Film’s relying on older female audiences have largely bombed since the pandemic started. One of the other reasons the blow was not as significant is that the controversy surrounding the cast did not decrease any of the star’s likeability. The core cast of the film largely is in high regard with audiences unlike other film’s released this year.