Was The Outfit A Success?

The Outfit is an Independent film that was produced by FilmNation Entertainment and Distributed by Focus Features. The Outfit had a strong cast that included acclaimed actor Mark Rylance as well as supporting actors Zoey Deutch and John Gumley Mason. The Movie was directed by Graham Moore who won a Oscar for best adapted screenplay in 2014 for the film The Imitation Game. Regardless of the talent that worked on the Movie, the film only grossed 3.3 million dollars in North America and 680,000 overseas for a worldwide total of about 4 million dollars. Given that the budget was 5 million The Outfit was a flop at the box office.

Why was the budget so high for The Outfit?

Provided that the film takes place entirely in one location it is perplexing that the budget could go up to as high as 5 million dollars. It is unknown how this could have happened but regardless it severely hampered the films ability to become profitable at the box office. The film did not even make back it’s production budget so it’s fair to assume focus features lost a decent chunk of money on this movie.

Can it make it’s money back on streaming?

The Outfit can currently be streamed on Apple TV as well as other platforms such as Redbox, Vudu, and Amazon Prime video. Unless the film significantly takes off on home video it’s going to be a flop. There is no indication that The Outfit has found its audience on streaming. In terms of physical media sales there is no data regarding how many DVD/Blu-ray units have been sold which also indicates the film is underperforming on home media.