Is Nope a Disappointment?

Jordan Peele’s third film Nope grossed 170 million worldwide on a budget of 68 million.

The film hit the 2.5x production budget threshold that Hollywood studio films need to break even at the box office but just barely.

It’s likely that Nope will make money for Universal Studios but the film had a disappointing performance as it did not gross nearly as much as Peele’s first two films, Get Out and Us.

Regardless Jordan Peele showed once again how he can get black audiences to come out in droves to see his movies.

This is important as theatrical needs to appeal to diverse audiences with their content.

Box office forecasts/predictions

Early forecasts had Nope opening to 45-65 million in North America and legging out to a domestic total of 110-190 million.

Forecasts were modeled after Peele’s previous two films Get out and US which both made 175 million at the domestic box office.

The film also had comparisons to horror films in the pandemic era such as Halloween Kills and A Quiet Place Part 2.

Safe to say the film had very high expectations and was expected to be one of the highest grossing films of the summer of 2022.

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic the two types of films that have done very well are films based on intellectual properties and original horror films.

Despite all the optimism there were some concerns however due to Peele’s 2nd feature US not being well received.

That movie was incredibly frontloaded and made most of it’s money it’s opening weekend.

This was in direct contrast to Get Out which had a very long run in theaters will low drops week after week.

Nope Domestic/International Box office Sales.

Nope grossed 44 million in its opening weekend in North America.

This was below expectations as forecasts had predicted that Nope would gross 55 million in it’s opening weekend.

The film would go on to make 123 million domestically which is very impressive for a original film with no pre existing IP. Still, this was lackluster considering how much less it made in comparison to Peele’s first 2 films.

Internationally the film underperformed significantly, only making 47 million dollars.

Well below the two other highest grossing horror films of 2022, The Black Phone and Smile.

This is noteworthy because neither of those films made as much as Nope in North America.

The top international markets for NOPE were The UK (9.4 million), France (4.2 million), South Korea (3.5 million), Australia (3.4 million), and Mexico (2.9 million).

Blu Ray/DVD sales

As of publishing, Nope has made a meager 4.3 million dollars in Blu-ray and DVD sales.

The film was released in all formats including 4k Blu-ray (affiliate link) and Steelbook which is typical for a 100 million-dollar grosser.

Why Did Nope Underperform?

One of the key catalysts for Nope’s underperformance is that it just wasn’t that well received by audiences.

The film holds a mediocre 69% audience score on rotten tomatoes which again is much worse than Peele’s previous two films.

It also holds a 6.9 rating on IMDb. Nope also received a B cinema score, all of this contributed to the lack of legs and significant 70% drop Nope had on it’s second weekend in theaters.

With no pre existing IP audiences are less likely to take a chance on movies even if it’s directed by a big name filmmaker.

Genre confusion

Another reason Nope underperformed is because people were confused as to what type of film it was.

The first trailer made it seem like it was a horror film but the proceeding trailer contradicted that and made it seem like a science fiction film.

Given that Peele’s first two films were horror movies it does make sense as to why Universal would push this in the marketing. However, it seemed to confuse people and audiences opted to wait until they heard reviews during opening weekend.

When the reviews came back it’s understandable why the movie dropped 70% on it’s second Friday.

Peele lost audience members after US

An additional reason why Nope underperformed is because audience members were not happy about Peele’s last film “US”.

There were very high expectations after his first feature film “Get Out” and those expectations were not met.

Us holds a mediocre 60% verified audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and failed to reach a wider audience after it’s opening weekend.

It isn’t surprising that audience members would not sow up in big numbers for the opening weekend of Nope after this disappointment.