Atomic blonde Box Office: Hit or flop?

Atomic Blonde was a financial success as it grossed 100 million dollars globally against it’s 30 million dollar production budget. Typically a film needs about 2.5x its production budget to break even and Atomic Blonde well exceeded this figure. The break even point for Atomic Blonde was likely around 75 million once you account for shared ticket sales with theaters and marketing expenses. It is estimated that Atomic Blonde secured 15-20 million dollars in theatrical profit for the parties involved in its production and distribution. The movie was a win for original female led action pictures as women have largely been shut out of those types of films. The movie also established that Charlize Theron could be a leading women in a original mid budget action movie.

Box Office Forecasting and Predictions

Atomic Blonde had very high expectations as its long range forecast had the movie opening to 27 million in North America and legging out to a 82 million domestic total. A big reason why the expectations were high is because this was being released in July which is typically one of the busiest and most profitable times of the year for studios and theaters. Charlize Theron was also coming off very successful action movies like Mad Max Fury Road and The Fate of The Furious. Her co star James McAvoy was also coming off successful projects like Split as well as his role as Charles Xavier in the X-Men franchise.

Domestic and International box office

Atomic Blonde grossed close to 52 million at the domestic box office which is solid for a female led action picture with no pre existing IP. The film grossed 48 million internationally despite not receiving a China release. The film’s top markets included The UK (5.1 million), Australia (3.9 million), France (3.8 million), and Russia (3.3 million). There has only been a couple of female led action movie’s (Non IP) that have grossed 100 million at the box office. Among this list include films such as Kill Bill, Red Sparrow, Salt, and Lucy. All of which had major stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johannsson, and Uma Thurman. After the success of Mad Max Fury Road Charlize Theron has established herself as a star in Hollywood. She was a major factor why Atomic Blonde did not bomb at the box office as her star power likely secured a wider international release for the film. Her presence was definitely felt in the film’s opening weekend as Atomic Blonde grossed 18 million. The movie tapered off after opening weekend by dropping 66% on it’s first Friday.

Non theatrical revenue: DVD/blu-Ray sales

As of this publish date 1/16/2023 Atomic Blonde has made 13 million in domestic DVD/Blu-Ray sales which is a stellar number. It is actually on par with a huge tentpole film like Tomb Raider which has made a similar amount despite grossing almost 3 times as much as Atomic Blonde. The reason for Atomic Blonde’s post theatrical success is due to audiences being enthusiastic about the film. When the movie was first released it received a B+ Cinema score which is solid for a original action movie. The film also brought in a diverse audience demographic with 52% males and 48% females in it’s opening weekend. The movie has iconic action sequences in which their are one take action scenes that go on for 8 minutes. The film is also somewhat erotic and upended audience expectations so that could be another reason the movie has stayed in the public conscience and that is reflected in it’s DVD/Blu ray sales.

Comparison to john wick

When Atomic Blonde was first released there were numerous comparisons to John Wick. Surprisingly Blonde ended up out grossing the first installment of John Wick by 14 million dollars at the global box office. This result made many speculate that there would be a sequel to Atomic blonde as John Wick has managed to become a major franchise which has grossed close to 600 million dollars across 3 films. Whether Atomic Blonde can become a franchise like John Wick is to be determined. It seems unlikely that Charlize Theron would commit to be a part of a franchise the same way Keanu Reaves has as she usually takes on more dramatic roles in non franchise movies. A fun fact is that director David Leitch had a job lined up directing John Wick 2 but instead opted to work on Atomic Blonde Instead. He also worked as a co director on the first John Wick which was released in 2014.

Will There be a atomic blonde 2?

From all indications there will be a Atomic blonde 2. Charlize Theron has confirmed that a sequel is in development with Netflix likely producing and disturbing the film. So far no release date for Atomic Blonde 2 has been announced as the sequel is in the early stages of development and has not began production. But with Charlize Theron returning it is likely to be a big hit for Netflix. Netflix also produced another film with Theron called “The Old Guard” which is also getting a sequel. So there is general optimism that Atomic Blonde 2 will be made in short order. Whether Netflix will decide to do a limited release in theaters is up in the air. The streaming service only gave a tepid release for Rian Johnson’s Glass Onion so it unfortunately looks like Atomic Blonde 2 will not be able to be seen on the big screen.