Easter Sunday: Gross Earnings

Easter Sunday made 13 million at the box office on a budget of 17 million dollars. Only 57,000 of Easter Sunday’s box office earnings came internationally making the film a box office flop.

Why Did Easter Sunday Flop?

The film wasn’t well received by critics or audiences and had no major stars or pre existing IP. Also leading to it’s downfall was the audience demographics, the film was going for the niche Filipino audience which did not show up in the droves that the studio thought they would. Jo Koy was not the box office draw that universal thought he was.

Audience demographics

Women made up 55% of the audience, with 29% being over 45 years old, 37% of the audience was asian, 31% white, 51% latino, and 11% black. Ever since the covid 19 pandemic middle aged women have not shown a willingness to return to theaters. There have been several films that have flopped this year because they targeted female audience members. The only exceptions thus far being Elvis, Dog, The Lost City, Where the crawdads sing, and Ticket to Paradise.

Not worth going to a theater for

The film does not really justify a theatrical release in the current landscape. Audiences are increasingly being driven to theaters by large VFX spectacles and don’t wish to watch comedies in a theater anymore. What passes as cinematic these days is harder to define but it’s clear people would rather wait for a movie like this to hit streaming as opposed to paying to see it at a theater.