The Lost City Box Office: Hit or Flop?

The Lost City was a romantic comedy/adventure film that was distributed by Paramount Pictures and starred Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. The movie grossed 190 million dollars worldwide on a production budget of 68 million. The film was a success at the box office and was one of the first original films released post covid that brought older female audience members back to theaters.

Box Office Forecasting

The film had conservative opening weekend projections in the months prior to release but picked up steam right after the overperformance of Channing Tatum’s film “dog“. Awareness and enthusiasm were quite strong for the film as most audience members said they would pay to see the film in a theater. This sentiment was surprising as comedies have increasingly been bombing in theaters and only watched on streaming. The movie also ranked highly when it came to awareness and overall interest.

International/Domestic Numbers

The Lost City hit the high end of its projected opening weekend forecast, grossing 30 million dollars in North America. It ended up grossing an impressive 105 million domestically and 85 million internationally for a global total of 190 million. The film was one of the highest grossing comedies released in the month of march (past 20 years). The movie was also one of the few original films of 2022 that passed the 100 million domestic milestone. Further cementing the opinion that Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum are two of the most bankable movie stars working in Hollywood today.

Why was the film a box office success?

The Lost City was a box office success because of its two leading stars as well as it being a light hearted escapist romantic adventure film released during the covid 19 pandemic. The movie was well liked by audiences and had enough spectacle to drive people to go see it in a theater. Older Women were also starved for content and wanted to go back to the movies to see a fun adventure/comedy with a star like Sandra Bullock. The Lost City’s box office performance proved that In a IP driven marketplace it is still possible to make mid budget blockbuster films that are successful.

Why was The Lost City’s Success good news for the theatrical industry?

The Lost City signaled a sea change in the theatrical industry. Women over 35 came out in droves to see the movie which was a big deal because older women were very hesitant to come back to theaters post covid. This result showed studios that older women are still interested in going back to theaters under the right circumstances.