Bob’s Burgers Movie: Hit Or Flop?

The Bob’s Burgers movie grossed 34 million worldwide on a budget of 38 million, making it a box office flop. It’s unlikely that the film will gain enough revenue from streaming to make up for the financial loss seen during it’s theatrical release. Why the movie flopped has made for interesting discussions from those who follow the box office and theatrical industry.

Box office forecasting

The Bob’s Burgers movie had tempered expectations with a projected domestic total of 14-30 million. This was due to Comedies being on the decline and not that viable when it comes to box office.

International/domestic numbers

The Bob’s Burgers movie ended up overperforming its projections domestically by grossing 32 million in North America. However, the movie did not fare as well overseas. The tv show that the film is based on was mostly popular in America and is not known on a global scale. The film only made 2 million overseas in a very limited international rollout. The movie was only released in 6 territories.

Why Bobs Burgers Flopped

There were numerous reasons for the film’s terrible performance including a bad release date, a lack of effort by the studio to market the film, as well as it being deemed not worthy to be seen in a theater.

Bad Release Date

Bob’s Burgers was released on May 27th, 2022 right before the summer blockbuster season was about to begin at the box office. It did not help at all that Bob’s Burgers had to compete with the biggest film of 2022 Top Gun Maverick. Bob’s Burgers earned a respectable 12 million in it’s opening weekend, coming in at the higher end of its estimated projection but still nowhere near enough to make up for the 38 million it cost to make the movie. Still Top Gun played a big factor in weakening the legs of Bob’s Burgers as the movie dropped 75% on it’s first Friday despite very good reviews from audiences.

Poor Marketing

It’s no secret that Disney has put next to no effort in marketing the films produced from 20th century Fox since they acquired them. The awareness was relatively low for Bobs’ Burgers considering how large the budget was and how the film would have to heavily rely on American audiences as there was little to no international release for the movie.

Streaming Quality/Un-Cinematic

With the rise of streaming audiences are more than comfortable staying at home to watch a movie unless it’s a cinematic spectacle. Movies that do not utilize advanced sound systems, world-class picture quality, or do not need to be seen on a giant screen are not deemed worthy of being seen in a movie theater these days. Bob’s Burgers is not the only movie released this year to suffer from this.