Ticket to paradise box office: hit or flop?

Ticket to Paradise is a romantic comedy adventure film starring A list movie stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney. The film was distributed by Universal Studios to over 3,500 theaters in the United States on October 21, 2022. Ticket to paradise grossed over 170 million in global box office ticket sales on a production budget of 60 million, making the film a box office success for Universal. It is one of the few films that have done well with adult female audiences post the covid 19 pandemic. As female audience members have been resistant to come back to theaters.

Ticket to paradise box office predictions and forecasting

Ticket to Paradise had tempered expectations going in as there had been numerous box office bombs in the comedy genre prior to its release. The film had a projected opening weekend forecast of 12-17 million and a domestic total box office prediction of 40-65 million. The film was releasing not long after the epic bomb that was “bros” so expectations were rather low even with the undeniable star power of Roberts and Clooney.

International and domestic performance

The film had a solid opening weekend in North America, grossing 16.5 million. Ticket to Paradise hit the high end of it’s box office predictions, grossing 68 million domestically. Due to strong word of mouth the movie had impressive 4.25x legs. Overseas Ticket to Paradise grossed 103 million, again displaying the star power of the two leads as the film was able to reach a large global audience. That kind of success it not easy to accomplish for romantic comedies.

Why was ticket to paradise a box office success?

One of the main reasons Ticket to Paradise was a box office success is because it had bankable movie stars. In the past numerous comedies have failed, mostly because they didn’t give audiences a reason to go out and see the film in a theater. Ticket to Paradise showed that audiences will still go to theaters to see non spectacle/event films if they have actors/characters in the movie that they care about. Older female audiences are starved for content as studios have been reluctant to greenlight titles for that audience demographic. A nostalgia driven rom com like ticket to paradise was just what they wanted.